About Us

TechCognize strives to deliver value with an offer of high quality, reliable and affordable. IT staffing and Recruitment solutions . We understand the challenges faced by our clients in the tough and competitive global IT environment. As people and their competencies majorly influence the success of each IT engagement, we offer value-driven and custom IT staffing solutions.

However, matching talent with opportunities calls for sourcing the right candidates with the right certifications and experience. With offices & teams located in different geographies, we embrace diversity and inclusion to achieve the right business sense and competitive business advantage. We have put in place effective talent management strategies that assure for our clients better financial results and improved business outcomes.

Collective success is our goal and objective. We work with our clients as one team with focus on joint goal-setting and goal-achievement. This helps us to understand and leverage on our individual strengths and match them with the clients’ expectations of IT staffing and recruitment.

TechCognize goes beyond just finding the right skills and experience but by helping in identifying individuals who can help you solve key business challenges. We build trust and follow-through on our commitments. Our good rapport with our clients and candidates creates a strong culture fit to achieve demonstrated ethics beyond reproach.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To change the perception, break the status quo and embrace the changes the future of IT staffing and recruiting holds

Mission: To remain competitive, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the overall talent profile all directed towards achieving one goal that our clients do not suffer from a lack of pipeline/staff


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    We provide dependable and quality staffing that is an essential component of our turnkey approach. We offer our clients the benefits of unlimited coverage, unparalleled access and unequaled value. Our full service IT staffing and recruiting services includes SOW, Direct-Hire Staffing, Recruitment Outsourcing, and Payroll Solutions.

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    Business Ethics

    We adhere and uphold all the ethical and legal guidelines. We follow the ethical staffing procedures that prohibit various kinds of discrimination. We also follow the stringent confidentiality agreements and strict safety policies.

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    Customer Centricity

    We understand that, finding the right personnel capable of doing the job and being customer-centric are daunting tasks. Our customer-centric approach avoids the ‘post and pray’ recruiting approach, promotes hiring people with demonstrated potential beyond the role expected, and adopting continuous improvement to get better incrementally.

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    Nimble in Spirit

    We strive successfully by being at the forefront of IT staffing and recruiting innovation and has acquired various milestones by delivering premium personnel services that are customizable, value-driven, competitive and automated.

WHY TechCognize?

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    Large talent pool

    We maintain a large network of competent and reliable IT talent

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    Cost effective

    We offer competitive and cost-effective IT staffing services

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    Faster hiring process

    As we have ready resource of IT professionals, we ensure that the staffing and recruitment process is made fast and easy

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    Reduced liability

    Compliance with labor laws is mandatory. However, compliance not only demands specialization but also has its bearing on your energy, time and resources. By availing our staffing solutions you can shift the potential risks of non-compliance away from the company

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    Quality of Hire

    Deciding the suitability of each hire for a job position is up to our hiring managers. We scrutinize resumes and pick out the right hires for the interview

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    We specialize in multiple job fields, and maintain effective communication with potential candidates. Only hires with the right set of IT skills and competencies are shortlisted

Grow Faster

TechCognize is one of the fastest growing service companies in global. It caters to corporate clients, providing them with efficient manpower for their manifold recruitment requirements. We do our best to supply myriad staffing assistance like Contract Staffing Services, Permanent Staffing Services, Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services, Offshore Staffing Services, RPO Services as well as Onsite Recruitment Services in across the world.


A belief that dynamism is the fundamental strength of a company. Our group of young, enterprising and experienced team make sure transactions are carried on in a professional and in a time bound manner.


TechCognize has been committed to provide reliable and consistent service without disruption. Our reliability levels have shown customers coming back for more and providing valuable referrals.


Innovation is a collective resource that TechCognize provides to its customers in bringing them world-class solutions and services. Innovation is all around us. TechCognize has what it takes to make things right the first time.

    TechCognize offers full-scale, value-driven, reliable and affordable IT staffing and recruitment services to the IT industry. Our staffing and recruitment services are available on staff augmentation basis or direct placement basis.


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