Core Expertise

Banking & Finance

TechCognize, with an offer of reliable, trustable and compliant IT recruitment services aims to make the banking and financial services sector greatly safe, secure, transparent and viable. We understand the needs of global banking industry for qualified and experienced IT professionals, better systems and innovative software. This will definitely help to handle more workload, increase the bottom-line, and most importantly help to remain competitive.


TechCognize helps you to take advantage of IT professionals who are experienced in modern, flexible, rule-based applications. Each expert recruited for your business contributes phenomenally to revenue growth, increasing operational efficiency, reducing systems maintenance costs, scaling up to new and innovative technologies, and improved customer experience.


TechCognize offers ready access to a pool of experienced IT personnel. Our experts can help you get therapies to market faster and detect risks earlier. Each expert recruited for the global pharmaceutical industry helps in regulatory compliance, accessing sales data, customer preferences, and helps to track competitors’ movement.

Technology & Engineering

TechCognize offers reliable, affordable, innovative and flexible staffing and recruitment services to engineering and IT industries. In engineering our focus is on product development, manufacturing, civil and construction services. Our IT experts come with different skills and competencies relating to business intelligence, ERP, IT services, software and mobile apps development.


TechCognize' pool of IT experts assure quick ROI and business results to the global healthcare industry. Importantly, the digital transformation has reshaped the healthcare landscape. Our IT experts will help the healthcare industry with achieving high quality care, reform and compliance, consumer centricity, cost efficiency and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Oil & Gas

TechCognize helps the oil and gas industry to turn efficient with reliable and competent IT talent. Our IT experts offer customized and comprehensive IT Services and Solutions. Each IT expert works across Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities. The experienced IT staff will help you to adopt emerging technologies and guide you on steering ahead of competition. By digitizing your value chain our IT talent will help you to sustain margins and enhance operational efficiency.


TechCognize' supports the global telecom industry to hire talent, that will in-turn help to bring about cost effective services and higher customer satisfaction. Digitization, next-generation technologies and intelligent devices across the telecom spectrum has called for talented people with the right skills and competencies. Our IT experts are proficient in network planning and designing, network inventory management, and geo-spatial data analytics.


Professionals in the manufacturing industry confront diverse challenges. Prominent are the rising expectations of customers and tough competition. TechCognize helps the manufacturing sector to source reliable and competent IT talent. Each IT expert recruited will help manufacturing sector to improve the productivity and efficiency. By leveraging on innovative digital transformation services manufacturing sector can achieve greater efficiency, analyze data accurately and respond quickly to changes in the global market place.

    TechCognize offers full-scale, value-driven, reliable and affordable IT staffing and recruitment services to the IT industry. Our staffing and recruitment services are available on staff augmentation basis or direct placement basis.


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